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Remote Customer Issues

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Most of the time we are able to make the plans and reach an agreement by email and/or phone. If you are out of town and I need to visit before or after the sale, I charge $2 per one-way mile for my time and travel costs (e.g. if you are 30 miles away, the fee for the "house call" is $60).

I provide a "lifetime guarantee" on my work... but it is my lifetime - as long as I am actively building furniture. I have had practically no claims, so hopefully this is not an issue, but I charge the same price for local sales as for items shipped elsewhere. If you are a remote customer and have an issue, you are responsible for the cost of shipping both ways for any guarantee work.

Sales Tax

We are not required to charge sales tax on any items shipped out of state by common carrier, which may relieve a portion of the pain of shipping costs. If you (or a friend) pick them up in Texas, we must charge Texas sales tax. We do not deliver out-of-state, since that implies that we are doing business in that state, and may complicate the tax situation.

Shipping small items

If we have the necessary packing materials, and the post office is a suitable carrier, we are glad to mail the item to you for the actual postage cost.

If the item is larger than "mailman" delivery, or we don't have suitable packaging on hand, we are glad to deliver the items to the local UPS Store (Mail Boxes Etc) or Fed Ex Office (Kinkos) location, so they can pack and ship at your expense.

Shipping large items

If you want a large item shipped, there seem to be several options.

When getting a delivery quote, be sure to specify whether you want

Shipping companies are glad to give a close estimate for the cost of packing and shipping furniture if you give them the exact size and weight. But with custom furniture, it is hard to know the weight until after the item is built, and even then it is hard to weigh accurately - I don't have a freight scale. Several years ago, one highly regarded firm, Craters and Freighters, offered these examples based on size and weight of previous shipments. These numbers are a couple years old, so prices probably have risen some, and are for somebody else's shipment, but they can give you an idea (be sure to add both the packing and one of the shipping costs from the list):

Item Packing Ship to LA or Chicago Ship to DC Ship to NYC
Coffee Table, 48x18x16 inches, 50 pounds $63.93 $190.91 $207.08 $221.71
Chest of drawers, 37x20x54 inches, 120 pounds (seems low) $144.40 $190.91 $207.08 $221.71
Bookcase, 42x15x75 inches, 165 pounds (seems high) $178.45 $190.91 $234.52 $240.99

The toybox I built cost $125 to pack and ship to New York City, but the person doing the packing struggled...when I asked why, he said that if the package were a half inch larger, it would fall into a different category, and the shipping cost would rise over $100. The mysteries of shipping rules can "get" you.

If you want something unusual, shipping may be justified. If you just want a simple item, like a bookcase, someone locally can probably build it for less than my total cost when you include shipping.

In our local area, I am glad to deliver items that are too large for your car, but that fit in our minivan. If you are outside our local area, but the most logical delivery is in our van, I will provide delivery for $1 per mile (one way) for as much as I can load in the minivan. If you are local, but the item is too large for our van (for example, queen size Murphy beds don't fit, and are too heavy for me to handle alone), you are responsible for hiring a mover, or borrowing or renting a suitable vehicle, with sufficient manpower.

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