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Storage Cabinets and Rolling Bookcases

©2005-2019 by Charles A. Plesums, Austin, Texas, USA

Credence Table
at the back of the church sanctuary

The back of the church had become cluttered with collection baskets, boxes of kleenex (were they for weddings or funerals?), and other items. I was commissioned to build this cabinet to hold the accumulated clutter as well as the bread and wine that would be brought forward at the offering.

The red oak wood and European style cabinets were to match the rest of the church. Since this is in an aisle, no handles were used, that might catch on passing clothes - there is a slight slope on the top edge of the doors to allow them to be opened without handles. This is an economy cabinet, but to make the top look more substantial than just a piece of plywood, a 1½ inch border surrounds the top.

The right two doors are one compartment for larger items (collection baskets), and the left door is a separate compartment. Both have adjustable shelves.


Art Storage Cabinets


This large art storage cabinet was built in three sections to be connected on-site in the Artist's studio - here they are still on the construction carts just outside our shop. The units on each end opened from the end; the center unit had two doors and opened from the front.

To accommodate the different size paintings, each section was configured differently. The left section had no shelf, and was 38 inches wide to store large paintings. The middle section was 40 inches wide, had double doors and an adjustable shelf. The right section had an adjustable shelf about half the depth of the cabinet, so small paintings could be on the shelf, medium size below the shelf, and large in front of the shelf. The height of all units was about 53 inches.

$2,600 for all three


Rolling Bookcase for a church education program

A church education program for kids used seven sets of props for seven different training units. Each set of props were stored in a separate cabinet, that could be rolled to different parts of the room, or even to different rooms. But like most church facilities, the rooms were used by other groups, so the props needed to be covered - the bookcases had to be enclosed.

Of the seven bookcases, six are of one size, and the seventh lower, deeper, and longer (hint: A creche is normally on top of this one). Each bookcase has a fixed shelf in the middle. The six bookcases are 42 inches long, 16 inches deep, and 30 inches high. The seventh is 48 inches long, 18 inches deep, and 25 1/2 inches high.

Each of the bookcases has a removable panel installed on the front of the bookcase

The front panel can be stored in a slot provided at the back of the bookcase.

$750 for one, $1,400 for two
Additional units ordered at the same time, $700 each

Construction Details

Each bookcase was built from furniture grade 3/4 inch red oak plywood with a clear satin lacquer finish. The back is half inch plywood to provide stiffness to the bookcase as it is rolled, and to provide two finished sides... inside the bookcase and behind it. The front panel is 1/4 inch plywood with a solid oak strip as a handle and stiffener. The top overhangs the ends by about 3/16 inch, and has veneered edges. Four swivel casters hold the bookcase about 1 inch above the floor

Choir Cabinets

A church with multiple choirs wanted a cabinet with compartments for each choir member to keep their music, marked and arranged as they wished. The overall height of the cabinet was determined by the space under the built in cabinets, and height of the music books, leaving a very small "kick space" along the floor. Four separate cabinets were built for future flexibility and ease of delivery. The 45 compartments in each cabinet had ¼ inch plywood dividers, set in shallow grooves in the shelves. Since the grooves weaken the shelf, the dividers are required to provide stability - a few dividers can be removed, if there is a special requirement, but certainly not all the dividers - this cannot become a conventional bookcase.

$1,250 for one, $1,150 each for additional units ordered at the same time.

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