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Memory Boxes

the modern equivalent of a scrap book

©2005-2011 by Charles A. Plesums, Austin, Texas, USA

Memory Box with "raised panel" lid

Memory Box 2230

A memory box is the modern equivalent of a scrap book or baby book. Sized to hold a sheet of paper, it is a place to collect souvenirs, whether the lifetime record of a baby from the hospital record on, or whether for a wedding or other special collection.

This box is made of solid walnut, including bookmatched panels on the top and bottom (see the left side as a reflection of the right side.) The left and right halves will reflect light differently, since one side is the outside of the tree looking in, and the other is the inside of the tree looking out. Based on the way the light hits it, and where you are standing, sometimes one side will seem lighter, and other times the other side will appear to be lighter. I save "interesting" pieces of wood to use in these boxes, but cannot promise exactly what pattern of wood will be available for any custom made box.

Memory box 2231
Memory Box 2232

Notice that the bottom is a special finished bookmatched panel, similar to the top, but not matching... these are unique boards, and you cannot "buy two alike." Depending on what I have available, the top or bottom may be much more dramatic than the other.

Most woods, with raised panel-type top, $200 each
With flat top in matching or contrasting wood, $150 each

Wedding Memory Box

Wedding Memory Box 2648

A copy of the wedding invitation or other special announcement can be laser burned into the lid, with woods chosen to show the engraving to the best advantage. Here the box was walnut selected for dark grain, with birds eye maple in the lid.

You can specify a regular box, as above, and take it to your local laser engraver (typically a trophy shop) to arrange exactly what you want engraved. I would be glad to have the engraving done locally for an additional $50.

$250 each if I arrange the engraving

Memory Box with flat lid

This box was built for someone who loved the maple and lyptus combination. A couple years ago I took the opportunity to buy two "bad" boards (with curly grain) from a shipment of Lyptus (normally very straight grain wood). A piece of that curly lyptus was incorporated in the lid of the box, with the sapwood preserved and emphasized in the center of the bookmatched pieces.


The sides of the box are birds eye maple - an unusual grain pattern that is almost exclusively found in maple trees. I cannot always get this wood in solid pieces, but try to save interesting pieces in various species from my regular wood deliveries.

This box is slightly larger than many... about 11 x 15 inches by 3 1/2 inches high


The bottom of the box is "ordinary" lyptus, bookmatched. The photos don't do justice to the extraordinary grain pattern in the lid.


The bottom is solid wood, with the edges "raised" to fit into a groove in the sides.

Basic box with flat top $150 each
Extraordinary wood or special sizes may be more expensive

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