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Rolling carts for kitchen storage

from an unused kitchen desk area

©2006 by Charles A. Plesums, Austin, Texas, USA

Rolling Kitchen Carts

Many kitchens have a desk. But I have never seen anyone sitting at a kitchen desk, working on desk-type things. All the kitchen desks I have seen have been junk collection areas. Areas that would profit from more organized kitchen storage. Of course, if you think I will show a picture of how messy our kitchen desk had become, you must think I have a death wish. But this is the area I am talking about, after it was cleaned out.

Kitchen desk empty 3287
Rolling Kitchen Carts (closed) 3288

Therefore we built a couple kitchen carts, on casters, to fill the area under the basically unused kitchen desk. The design of the front end of the cart was to match the existing cabinet doors. The new wood should quickly age to match the wood in the rest of the kitchen cabinets.

Each cart includes a couple shelves (with sides) for storage. Our plan is to include craft projects in this storage, so that the cart can be moved with the project, wherever we use it in the house. But the carts could be used for anything from additional traditional kitchen storage to kids toys that accumulate in the kitchen.

Rolling Kitchen Carts (open) 3289

$450 each, $800 for two
to match most kitchen styles

Construction Details

The original plan was complex... put a frame around the opening, so the carts would fit in like a closed cabinet door. We got started with the carts close to filling the area, and were quite satisfied with the result. The price listed is for the simple project like shown - with the carts built to match the kitchen cabinets, but without the frames, that would have made the project was far more complex (and more expensive).

Hardware could be added to the carts to refine the simulation of lower kitchen cabinet doors. Maybe someday for us, but right now we are happy without extra hardware.

A single larger cart could be used to fill the area, or two or more separate carts could be used, to sort the items being stored. The actual dimensions will depend on your space, but in our case, they were each 13 5/8 inch wide at the door (13 1/4 wide inside), 19 3/8 inch high at the door (plus 2 1/2 inches for the caster), and 23 1/2 inches deep. The upper shelf provides about 6 inches of storage height, and the lower shelf, close to 11 inches.

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