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Wood Accessories

©2003-2015 by Charles A. Plesums, Austin, Texas, USA

Sword Display Case

A wooden case was prepared for a ceremonial military sword and it's scabbard. Sipo wood, a mahogany-like wood, was used, with a clear acrylic lacquer finish. The construction allows the case to sit on the table, as seen, or there are mounting holes on the back to hang the case on the wall. No lock is required like a gun case because, as a ceremonial sword, the edge is not sharp! (I didn't know that.)

The case will be designed for your item, including size and position of the custom wooden hooks inside the case. This unit had inside dimensions of 39 inches long, 10 inches high, and 3¾ inches deep. The frame for the glass is 1¼ inches wide (so more than half of it will be over the sides of the case). The front can have a "piano" hinge which adds stability to the rather narrow frame, or can have more decorative brass hinges.

$350 each
in most types of wood, ready for your glass installation

Memorial Flag Box

This flag box is made from walnut, and is designed to hold a casket flag used in military funerals. The flag was folded during the funeral, tighter than most flags, so there is a little extra space around the sides of the flag. A box like this can be made from your choice of wood, sized to fit your flag, or in the "standard" size as shown.

$75 each
in most types of wood

Flag Case

Memory Boxes

Walnut Memory Box

A memory box is the modern equivalent of a scrap book or baby book. Sized to hold a sheet of paper, it is a place to collect souveniers, whether the lifetime record of a baby from the hospital record on, or whether for a wedding or other special collection.

$150 each


This cigar humidor is made from Bubinga, and is lined with the requisite Spanish Cedar. This one has small drawers on the bottom for smoking accessories - trimming tools and lighters.

$900 each
in most types of wood, lined with Spanish Cedar

Bubinga Cigar Humidor

Map Boxes

Texas box

This box is shaped like the state of texas, made from solid cherry with an oiled finish. Inside the Texas box is another smaller Texas box.

Open Texas boxes

This map of the United States is made from solid walnut. This one has an oiled finish; others are done in lacquer. The detail is within about 50 miles, with marks on the map for Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Washington, and New York.

Open US Map box

US Map box


Like every woodworker, we occasionally like to make something simple, like this desk clock.

Bed and Bath Accessories

This includes a step stool and bathtub cabinet so far.

Step Stool 1515

Bath Cabinet

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