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Cigar Humidor

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Bubinga Cigar Humidor

A cigar humidor is normally a beautiful piece of furniture. But the construction details are complex to maintain a valuable collection of fine cigars in the perfect environment.

This unit has a humidification system held to the lid by hidden magnets, and a digital Hygrometer-Thermometer held in place with another magnet. The unit can be built to support your choice of systems (since I am not an expert in cigar humidification).

The spanish cedar frame inside the lid touches the spanish cedar sides to provide a cedar-to-cedar "seal".

This humidor has a spanish cedar tray to remove the upper portion of the cigar inventory, to access the lower cigars. The tray has slots, and open space at the end, to allow air to circulate. There is a removable divider in the bottom section. The cigar inventory in the tray could block the slots and limit air circulation to the lower layers, so any future units would be built with a slightly narrower tray to ensure good air circulation between the upper and lower layers.

Two drawers at the bottom of the cabinet are outside the controlled area, to provide storage for trimming and lighting accessories.

$900 in most furniture woods
$750 with your humidifier, hygrometer, and magnets

Construction Details

Base cabinet is 8 inches high (5 inches inside the conditioned space), 17 inches wide, 9 3/4 inches deep. With lid, the unit is 8 3/4 inches high, 18 1/2 inches wide, 12 inches deep

The lid is solid bubinga in a non-traditional raised panel configuration, to minimize the display of end grain wood. The sides, feet, and drawer front are also bubinga, finished in rubbed lacquer. The lining is the traditional unfinished Spanish cedar, with magnets embedded in the lid to invisibly hold the removable humidifier and hygrometer.

Drawers, about 1 inch high, are included outside of the "conditioned" space to hold trimming and lighting accessories.

This unit was built with solid bubinga, almost 1/2 inch thick, lined with solid spanish cedar, also almost 1/2 inch thick. Some units are built with a decorative veneer over a thicker spanish cedar case. Virtually any wood can be used for the outside layer.

Some humidors are made with a mahogany lining rather than the traditional spanish cedar. Mahogany works well in the humid internal environment, and apparently provides a reasonable humidity buffer and seal, if you prefer to not have the normal spanish cedar aroma. No extra charge if you prefer the mahogany lining.

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