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Built in cabinets for your home

(but I don't make "kitchen" cabinets)

©2010 by Charles A. Plesums, Austin, Texas, USA

I am not interested in making kitchen cabinets for you. There are many vendors who have specialized equipment, a larger shop, and low-cost staff trained to produce and install those cabinets cheaper than I could dream of doing it. So why am I showing you these pictures?

Occasionally I am asked to build cabinets in an unusual configuration, size, or shape, that may not be readily available from the high volume vendors. Can I build such cabinets? Yes. But I don't have shop space to build a room full of cabinets. Nor am I a contractor licensed and insured to "modify" your home (such as installing cabinets). But I am glad to make suggestions as you do the installation.

This example is a Laundry room, but the primary entrance from the garage to the house. The family wanted attractive cabinets, wanted better quality than the usual builder-grade or chain-store cabinets, and wanted to make very efficient use of the limited space.

The cabinets had to go all the way to the ceiling, but the doors couldn't hit the air vent or light. Just enough room was left below the cabinets to use the washer and dryer. The remaining wall space was dedicated to a floor-to ceiling cabinet that was deeper. But if a cabinet is really from the floor all the way to ceiling, how do you tip it upright during installation? (Hint... build it as two cabinets that are stacked and "slid in.")

The classic European design was used... no face frame (which takes space away from the opening), doors overlapping the sides of the cabinet when closed (special hinges keep the doors from hitting the wall or the adjacent cabinet when open). A panel floats in the rails and stiles (frame) of the door - in this case the customer wanted a flat panel of thin plywood, but a hardwood "raised" panel could be used. This customer preferred no knobs, so a slight angle was cut in the door edges to allow them to be easily opened from the edge.

Estimate about $200 per linear foot - distance along the wall
($450 per linear foot for full height)

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