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Bed and Bath Accessories

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Step Stool

Spencer's Stool

What do you give a 3 year old for a birthday? Well, he has to wash his hands, doesn't he? We expect this solid oak step-stool will still work for his kids and grandkids. Our price is far less than we have seen in furniture catalogs, but nowhere near as cheap as the WalMart variety.


Construction Details

Solid red oak, filled, with rubbed lacquer finish. 16 inches wide, each step is about 8 inches high, 6 inches deep.

Bathtub Cabinet

Tub Cabinet Tub Cabinet

What do you do with all the "stuff" that accumulates around a bathtub? The shampoo, soap, skin treatments, etc? Jenny designed and built a cabinet to fit on the edge of the tub - the first project of her own design. It came out great!

$300 reproduced in fine hardwood
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Construction Details

Birch plywood with solid birch strips mitered around the edges of the door and top, Roman Ogee edge around the top, and a solid birch face frame with half lap joints. 10 by 13 inches to fit the corner of the tub, 21 inches high, with two adjustable shelves (plus the cabinet bottom)
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