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Window Seat & Storage Unit

for a bedroom or living room

©2005, 2009 by Charles A. Plesums, Austin, Texas, USA

Cherry Window Seat

Spencer's seat 0694

A bench for reading and storage for clothes were required in this young person's bedroom. The natural cherry wood was chosen, not only for it's beauty, but as a compatible color to go with both the current youth furniture and later adult furniture.

Doors and drawers open 0695

The overall length of 8 feet along the front allowed just under 20 inches seating depth. Four drawers, each almost 3 feet wide, are in the center, with a slightly taller drawer at the bottom. The triangular corners were enclosed with a door for storage. The doors ended slightly before the end of the cabinet to allow access to existing electrical outlets. "Adult" seating height of approximately 18 inches brought came close to the bottom of the windows. A small kick space is provided under the drawers.

This unit $1,350 in Cherry (4 drawers)

Oak Window Seat

Our customer built a "mother in law suite" for her elderly father, with a small bay window overlooking the yard. But, of course, her son has to have a place to sit to entertain Grandpa, doesn't he? This storage unit was built at adult sitting height (18 inches) with the possibility that a cushion will be added later. The depth - 20 inches - was set to allow comfortable sitting and good use of the available space. The cabinet is screwed to studs in the wall so it doesn't move. Matching moulding was installed after the cabinet was in place to hide irregularities in the wall. Red Oak plywood and solid wood doors were chosen by the homeowners.


Under the main part of the bench are two large drawers, with two additional triangular storage compartments behind doors at each end of the cabinet. The large drawers have a sliding tray at the top for storage of small items. An electrical outlet was in the wall at the left - to preserve access to the outlet, the diagonal side was built without a back in that triangular cabinet. An opening in the bottom shelf allows a cord to enter the cabinet from the kick-space, or the door can be opened for temporary access to the outlet.

This unit $950 in Red Oak (2 drawers)

Construction Details

For seating, I recommend about 18 inches height. I recommend that a toe-kick be included, about 3 inches high. Other dimensions depend on the available space.

Baltic birch plywood was chosen for the tall drawer sides in the bottom cabinet. Solid hardwood sides were used in the cherry unit.

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