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Raised base for sofa or love seat

©2006 by Charles A. Plesums, Austin, Texas, USA

Raised sofa base

What do you say when a friend says "I hate my sofa (actually a love seat - it only seats two). It is too low" I'm going to get rid of it. You say "lets try it up on blocks - see if you like it if it is higher." Then what do you do if they like it about 4 inches higher?

You replace the old 2 1/2 inch high casters with a 6 1/2 inch high base, on teflon pads to make it easy to move. They liked the results of the first sofa so much that they decided to "save" the other sofa as well. And then they had both sofas reupholstered - they look like new!

Sofa 3371

The base was made of ash, dyed to go with the floor and other furniture in the room. Another piece of furniture had a vertical stripe near the foot, so that feature was added to tie the pieces together (although this stripe is a walnut inlay, rather than a painted groove). A small walnut strip was also added at the corner of the foot.

With the bracing to attach the base to the sofa, each base required 48 pieces of wood. This simple base isn't as simple as it appears!

$195 each, $350 for two

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