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Reading Tables

or Bible stand, Dictionary Stand

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Bible Stand

A customer wanted a stand or reading table to hold the heavy bible while "grandma" sat to read it.. A regular lecturn was too high, so we built a special bible stand.

Louise Waterman

Since the reader would be seated, the column was at the back, rather than at the center of the book, allowing the unit to be pulled closer if desired. The front leg is long and low, so it could slide under the sofa or chair if desired, but still provide ample stability.

The size of the reading area can be customized (typically about 10-11 inches high and about 18 inches wide). You may also choose the height of the front and back edge, thus determining the slope of the book

This column is a simple "T" shaped pair of boards, but a heavier square column, or a turned round column could be provided. These pictures were taken in the shop before the clear finish was applied to the red oak, but this can be built in your choice of wood and finishes.

The reading table and the front leg are removable (just a few screws) which dramatically reduces the shipping cost. This can be built as a solid unit if preferred.

$250 in oak with clear finish

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