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Quilter's console - Living Room End Table
or Scrapbooker's work storage area

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Quilter Console

Quilter's End Table

This living room end table allows quilting, scrapbook, and craft projects to be organized and stored in maple trays with cork lining while they are used in the living room.

This item was displayed at the 2009 Texas Furniture Maker's Show™ at the Kerrville Arts and Cultural Center (which is why I have a professional quality picture). Somebody purchased it there, and when I met them a year later, they described the piece as the nicest piece of furniture in their home. When I made the first unit, I also made extra pieces to build another unit like the first.

The unit comes with four drawers, one of which is "double" height. Each of the maple drawers with a walnut pull is easily removed, and becomes a carrying tray. Any of the drawers, including the double height drawer, can go in any position in the cabinet. The inside of the drawers are 12¾ by 16 inches, to hold most quilting "squares" or scrapbook pages. The bottom of each drawer is covered with cork.

In use, there is a shelf that pulls out at the top, to provide more work space, like the writing arm on classical office desks. You still have access to most of the drawers, or can slide the shelf in for full access. The shelf has a fiddleback maple center with a walnut band around it.

When you want to take one or more of the drawers to a club meeting or to the store to get the perfect matching fabric, you can remove and stack any combination of trays/drawers, and use the shelf as a lid for the stack of trays.

The door closes in front of the removable trays/drawers to "hide the mess" while entertaining, or to keep little "helpers" away when entertaining the grandchildren. When the door is open, it slides into a "pocket" compartment at the side of the cabinet.

The primary wood is northern black walnut, with panels of quilted maple. The top is walnut burl, four pieces "bookmatched" to show off mother nature's art work. Overall the top is 18¼ inches wide by 21½ inches deep, and 28½ inches above the floor.

If you do not need the door, a slightly smaller unit can be built without the door, but with the same trays, at a lower price. Other types of furniture wood can also be used in a unit custom built for you.

With stores shut down for the pandemic this unit is back in our home and can be seen by appointment.

$2,195 as shown
similar unit with no door (slightly smaller overall) $1,795

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