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Pecan Living Room Set

©2006 by Charles A. Plesums, Austin, Texas, USA

If you live in Texas (as we do) then this wood is Pecan. If you live up North, this wood is Hickory. According to the late Jon Arno, an authority on wood, if you live in the center of the country, Hickory and Pecan cross pollinate. The US government says you can mix the two together and sell them under either name. But who cares what it is called, it makes attractive furniture. With the widely varying colors, it isn't as formal as Mahogany or Walnut or even Oak or Maple. But like a comfortable plaid shirt, the varying colors create a great set of casual furniture.

Card Table


Some people expect folding legs if you say "card table." But this table has a couple drawers, fixed legs, and is far more stable than a folding table. If we call it a game table, some people expect a felt center and grooves for poker chips. The client wanted an attractive table to use for bridge games, that could also be used to eat a casual meal while watching TV. So does it matter whether this is called a card table, a game table, or a TV tray? Well, maybe not a TV Tray.

This table has two large drawers, each filling half the area under the table. With the rounded corners requested by the client, the top must overhang the aprons and legs by a larger amount, meaning the drawers have to pull out farther than normal, to reach the back of the drawers. The large drawers and extra long runners (which had to overlap under the table) complicated construction substantially.


$700 with one "normal" drawer
$850 with two large drawers.

Living Room Desk


The "upstairs" computer was used at a small, low table in front of the furnace service door. In its place, we built an adult size desk, 30 inches high, on wheels (for access to the furnace when needed) that filled the available space. The space was narrow, about 45 inches, so the desk is similar to a student desk with drawers on just one side. To make room for the printer, the desk was made extra deep, 36 inches, rather than the usual 24 to 30 inches. The sides of the desk come close to the floor, to hide the casters... on a carpet, it is not obvious that the desk can move. The center drawer allows the laptop computer (or a conventional keyboard) to be hidden, with provision for wires to exit at the back of the drawer, and the front of the drawer tips down, out of the way for typing.

There are three drawers on the right... a drawer with rails for hanging file folders at the bottom, plus two utility drawers, all about 20 inches deep. (Three smaller drawers could replace the two utility drawers if desired). An extra storage shelf was placed under the desk, at the back, extending behind the drawers, for notebooks or printer paper.


$875 as shown.

Matching Bookcases


A pair of bookcases were selected for each side of the door that leads to the outdoor deck. These were 32 inches wide and about 80 inches tall, to fit the available space. The crown moulding was on the front of both cases, but only on one end... if the bookcases are later moved, they can be put next to each other. There is a fixed shelf about 30 inches above the floor, with the rest of the shelves adjustable.

Breaking news! The client did move, and were delighted that the bookcases worked well, next to each other, as a single double-wide bookcase in their new house.

Notice how the pecan wood complements the wicker furniture... The client didn't want more wicker, but wasn't ready to replace the existing pieces.


$850 each $1,600 for two

Be sure to see the
other bookcases too.
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