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Living Room Furniture

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Coffee Tables

There is no such thing as an antique coffee table - they are a recent furniture invention. Yet they have become an important piece of living room furniture. Be sure to see the several coffee tables we have built, and hints for designing your own.

End Tables

Some coffee tables are formal, and others are more casual. And end tables can complement the coffee tables. Look at our end tables and other living room tables and our hints for designing your own.


Dining Tables

Okay, I know this is a page on Living Room furniture, but we do dining room tables too. This is a large round table - 6 feet in diameter - with a 3 foot diameter lazy susan turntable in the center, made with walnut veneer.

Grandpa's Toy Chest

Some friends wanted a toy box for the living room, that would become "extra seating" for an adult party, and a place to hide the grandchildren's toys. We are quite thrilled with the result. Grandpa's Toy Chest is a piece of heirloom furniture, not an unsightly plastic fire truck.


Book Cases

We built a library wall consisting of almost 100 linear feet of bookshelves plus a library desk and three large storage drawer units.

We also built these two bookcases that can be used separately, or together. With the enclosed base they are sometimes called library cabinets. See our information on bookcases and how to design your own.

Pecan set - Desk, table, and bookcases

A computer-oriented desk built to fit a limited space (and on wheels for to allow occasional access to the furnace) was built as part of a pecan living room set.

In addition to a pair of bookcases framing a door to the deck, a card table with drawers was built for bridge games, and to allow an occasional meal near the TV.

Entertainment Centers

Today's flat panel TV screens sometimes hang on the wall, or sit on top of a low cabinet. The supporting electronics need a cabinet - which is where we come in. This cherry console is below a wall-hung TV, with ventilation to allow the unit to operate "behind closed doors" and with storage on each side of the electronics.

We also have, and can again, build entertainment centers for traditional components including large, heavy TVs, such as this large living room unit, flanked by two library cabinets.




One of our favorite "commissions" was to design a unit that could go in a hallway - basically a bar, but shaped more like a buffet or dresser. We finally simply called it the hall unit. It has recently become the replacement entertainment center for the unit above, as the owner converted to a flat screen TV.

A red oak storage unit and window seat was built into grandpa's bedroom and living area.


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