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Normally each piece we create is custom built to your specifications. Occasionally we build a piece of furniture or an accessory "just for fun." Sometimes we build multiple copies of an item while everything is set up. These items are already made, by us, and are available for immediate sale.

Memory Box

Memory box 2231

This item has been sold. More coming soon.

This is a wooden "Memory Box" to collect souvenirs, whether the lifetime record of a baby from the hospital record on, or whether for a wedding or other special collection.

$150 each

Coffee Table

This coffee table was built to try two new techniques... Removable legs to simplify shipping, and special drawer bottoms glides (slips) to enhance durability. Both came out well, and the table was exhibited in a woodworking show.

The overall size of this coffee table is 36 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 17 inches high. The drawer is about 18 inches wide, and normally pulls out about 12 inches.

The top and legs are solid hardwood. The top hangs over about 3/4 inch, the top and bottom edges of the top are slightly rounded over. The legs are tapered. (The taper may not be obvious, but without the taper the unit looks "heavy.")

Dark Walnut Coffee Table 2227

Dark Walnut Coffee Table 2228

There is one drawer, about 3 1/2 inches storage depth, with limited pull-out to so the table can be close to a sofa without "losing" items at the back of the drawer. The drawer sides are poplar, and ride on waxed hardwood glides. The front is attached to the side with dovetail joints, and is grain matched to the surrounding apron (a single piece of lumber). The handle is embedded in the bottom of the drawer-front. There is a hidden storage compartment in the unit.

This unit is dark-stained walnut, and finished in lacquer rubbed to a soft satin finish. A similar unit can be made of any wood, such as mahogany, oak, maple, cherry, pecan, or natural walnut.


If you are interested in purchasing one of these items, or commissioning a similar piece, drop us an email. If the item is sold in Texas, sales tax must be added to the price. If you would like us to ship the item to you, include your zip code, and whether the address is residential or commercial, and we will be glad to estimate the packing and shipping cost. We will ship as soon as we receive your payment and the money is available to us; you may mail a check to Charles Plesums, 5702 Puccoon Cove, Austin, Texas 78759, or may "instantly" transfer money via paypal to charlie@plesums.com, from your paypal account or from your credit card through paypal.

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