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Bedroom furniture

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Walnut Bedroom Set

Our son Mark had a cheap/tacky night stand, so we built a pair of new ones for him out of black walnut, delivered them in October 2002. But that made his bed seem inadequate, so we built a bed. Then a chest of drawers (Christmas presents), then a dresser (delivered in January 2003). And finally the mirror for the dresser. That was the beginning of our fine furniture making.

First came the night stands with some unique design features. Check out the details of these and other night stands.

Bed and nightstands, in use. 1453

Then came the queen size bed, higher than usual at his request, but consequently leaving room for storage drawers under the bed. See the details about beds and head boards.

Finally the dresser, mirror, and chest of drawers that are an integral part of this bedroom set.

Dresser 1476

Vanity Dresser

picture of vanity dresser

Some people like a separate vanity dresser, with big mirror, sitting area, and a stool to match.

Lingerie Chest

A lingerie chest is rarely part of a "standard" bedroom set, but it is a very welcome addition for storage of those little things that don't stack nicely in a regular dresser or chest of drawers, and for a more extensive jewelry collection (whether precious or costume). A special piece is a great addition to a master bedroom.

Entertainment Center

A TV in a bedroom needs to be high. So we built an "add on" entertainment center that sits on top of our old chest of drawers. If I were building a complete bedroom set today, above the usual chest of drawers for clothing, I would include a ventilated shelf for equipment, then the usual flat surface for pocket contents. At the back of the working surface, there could be shallow media storage shelves, with a higher shelf to hold a TV. With today's flat-screen TVs, the shelf doesn't need to be as bulky as this, and the electronics should be lower for easier loading of DVDs, etc.

Special Needs Bed

We were commissioned to build this queen size special needs bed for a person with a disability who had grown too large for a traditional special needs bed. The headboard and footboard were bookcases that became key parts of the bedroom furniture.

Murphy Bed and Murphy Desk

A client wanted their study to be an inviting guest room with a full size bed rather than just a sofa bed or other compromise. We built a Murphy bed that folds into a cabinet on one side of the room, and a large "Murphy" desk that folds into a cabinet on the other side of the room.

Children's furniture

Sorry, but with the current federal regulations, I cannot build furniture intended for children 12 years of age and younger. See the page on children's furniture.

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