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Are you having trouble reaching us?

We are Sorry!

Mail problems have become rare, but most of our business is done by email so we want to have alternatives if you are having trouble reaching us. There is a special note below if you use Yahoo mail.

If you are having trouble reaching us by email, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We have several email addresses that we check regularly, but we still occasionally get reports that your mail isn't reaching us. And sometimes we get your mail and respond, and our mail doesn't make it to you (even if you are getting email from others).

Is this a problem?

For months we received over 150 emails per day (of which 5-10 were of interest). In fact 35-50 were often in Russian or other language we don't understand. Suddenly the total dropped to 30-40 per day (half foreign). Wow! I looked for news of spammers being arrested - none. Was a super-spam filter installed somewhere - no. I tested to be sure the mail system was working - all okay. Is this good news, or are we also losing legitimate mail? Did your mail fall into the mystery hole that is absorbing 2/3 of our previous mail?

Why could this happen? The occasional computer or communications problems that any Internet service provider (ISP) or web and mail hosting service encounters may explain a few of the difficulties.

We also suspect another problem - a hacker finds the password for xxx.com, and uses their system to send thousands of junk mail letters. Other mail systems recognize the spam, and therefore refuse to accept any mail to or from that machine. Great - they got what they deserve.

But each computer provides mail service for hundreds of users. What if the blocked computer is the same machine that provides "plesums.com" or "solowoodworker.com" mail services or services to one of our other email accounts? You got it. Our mail is blocked also. And by the time we learn about the problem, service has generally been restored.

There have been times when someone has hacked into one of our service providers, and used their computer to send junk mail - including sometimes making it appear that the mail is coming from someone at plesums.com. That problem has become rare, but please let us know if the problem comes back - if you get "spam" from someone at plesums.com. We are sorry if this happens, but please let US know (not just a response to the spam email) so we can work to stop the problem if it occurs.

We normally respond to email many times per day. If we are out of town, we respond as often as we can, normally in a day or so. If your mail isn't getting through to us, or your haven't heard back from us, please let us know, and if possible, give us an alternate way to get back to you - sometimes when we are out of town we have had difficulty sending mail.

Yahoo Mail - why is that special?

If you are having trouble reaching me with Yahoo mail, try this alternate email address

Thanks for your help advising us when we have a problem, so we can get it fixed. And our apologies for the inconvenience.

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