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These aren't important web pages, unless they are compared to personal blogs, tweets, and many/most of the postings on Facebook. But as a one-time professor, Charlie likes to write about things, and if you have a web site, you have a platform to bore people. But if you are interested in serious things like Charlie's custom furniture or his advice on craft business and woodworking, be sure to see those web sections.

Charlie's Thumb Surgery

In 2019 Charlie had a large woodworking project that required extensive sanding, mostly with orbital sanders. His thumb became painful, and ultimately required surgery. This is the story of the surgery, with pictures.


We like to travel enough that we have made a separate section of this web site for our travelogues.

One travelogue stands out: Since my father was born in Riga Latvia, and "Plesums" is a very distinctive Latvian name, our vacation to Riga was documented with more than the usual amount of history, and more than the usual number of pictures. Hope you enjoy it.

Not all of our trips work out as well. Someday I will post our pictures of Prague - we had a good time - but the logistics arranged by American Airlines Vacations were terrible. We won't use AA Vacations again.


I bake lots of bread, and no longer use a bread machine. My techniques for baking bread, and my basic recipe, are described in detail


Usual disclaimer - I am not qualified to give advice on saving and investing. But it has worked very well for us, and I share our story.


One of the mysteries of the internet is how security works - how you can encrypt something, it can be decrypted at the other end, and the folks in the middle cannot decrypt it. Try my tutorial on PKI - Public Key Infrastructure.

Posting pictures on the web (such as in a user forum) or including them in email is easy, but some tricks make it much easier for the user or the recipient of your email with pictures.

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