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All of the contents of www.plesums.com are Copyright by Charles A. Plesums, Austin Texas, unless explicitly attributed to another author. I am willing to share any of the information with you as long as you play by these rules.

You are welcome to read (and hopefully enjoy) the information provided. You are welcome to discuss the ideas with your friends and associates, and invite them to visit this site. You are encouraged to comment, make suggestions, even disagree - send your comments to . But please do NOT save the contents of any part of the site on your computer, and do not print or redistribute any of the contents, except as noted below.

If you bought a book, you would pay 10 to 20 cents for each page (based on a 200 page book costing $20 to $40), even if you only wanted one chapter of the book. And the author would only get a small portion of that money - the rest goes to the publisher, printer, shipper, bookstore, etc.

The rules here attempt to provide the author's royalty without making you buy the entire book.

You are invited to print a copy (or several copies) of the material on this site as long as you follow the rules below. (A copy placed on a computer is counted as a printed copy for each person who may access that computer copy.)

  1. Pay an author's royalty, according to the schedule below, for each page that you reproduce (if you make 10 copies of 5 pages, you owe for 50 pages), and

  2. Pay your own printing and distribution costs (the other 85% of what you would pay for in the bookstore, whether you wanted one page or the whole book), and

  3. Be sure the copyright rules appear on each copy, so that anyone who sees a copy knows the rules.

Notice that this is also a test of the honor system - there is software to enforce rules such as this, but I would rather not make you download the applet to be able to save and print my documents. Watch what happens here to see if the honor system is working!

At the bottom of each copy, be sure to include the appropriate copyright notice, such as:

Copyright 2001 by Charles A. Plesums, Austin Texas USA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may license additional copies of this document through a nominal royalty payment as specified on www.plesums.com.

The author's royalty is calculated for each copy of each page that you reproduce.

You may pay in advance. For example, if you only need to print 5 pages now, your minimum charge of $1.00 covers up to 15 pages, so you are welcome to print 10 additional pages (or make 10 copies of one page - any combination up to the total of 15 pages) for that fee. You may pay $10 now, and be entitled to print or copy a total of 300 pages, at your convenience.

You may mail cash or check to Charles Plesums, 5702 Puccoon Cove, Austin, Texas 78759-7177 USA. Include your e-mail address if you would like me to send you a receipt. You may use your existing PayPal account, or open a free PayPal account that allows you to use Master Card or Visa to transfer funds to me through PayPal account charlie@plesums.com. Just click here: Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

The author is interested in how many copies are made of which documents, and also appreciates your comments on the content, but does not require formal reporting. Each time you make some copies, an informal e-mail to like the following would be appreciated:

   Previously used 147 of the 300 pages that I paid for
   Made 10 copies of the first 3 pages of document "XYZ"
   Printed 1 copy of 10 page document "ABC"
   Therefore I may still copy 107 pages without additional payment

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