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Privacy Policy

As recommended by the on-line privacy alliance, we have adopted a privacy policy, and are hereby disclosing it to you.

At one time we offered a mailing list if you wanted to be notified when significant additions were made to the documents on this site. That list has been discontinued and discarded long ago, and was not and will never be shared with others, for any purpose.

If you contact us through email or other means, your personal information will never be disclosed to third parties, other than normal business accounting if you buy goods or services from us. If we feel you could benefit from contact with a vendor, we will advise you, rather than the vendor, unless you give us specific permission to give your name to a vendor.

If we someday use cookies it will only be to see how the site is being used, improve our service, and correct any problems, but will NOT contain any personal information, or any other information from your computer.

On some of our pages, we show ads provided by third party advertising companies including Google. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, telephone number, or other really private stuff) about searches and visits from your computer to this and other websites, in order to select advertisements about goods and services that are hopefully of interest to you. Of course we hope you find the ads interesting and click on them because our pay for running those ads is based on your clicking on the ads. If you would like more information how the choice of ads is optimized, or to "opt-out" of the selection of ads specific to your interests, click here.

Charles Plesums

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