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Is it free?

So what is the big deal? I get regular requests for plans for things that I have built. Often the design is literally on the back of the envelope - I don't use formal plans - and those notes are long gone. But to try and respond to those requests, I am trying an experiment - providing plans for one of our "products" on a fee basis. By keeping the bookkeeping simple (largely an honor system) and by providing illustrations through annotated pictures rather than engineering drawings, I hope to keep costs low - roughly 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of other comparable plans. To be clear, this fee gives you codes to access a web pages with pictures and text on how to build the item; there are no printed drawings that I can mail to you. This is an example of an annotated picture from the saddle stand... lots of words go with the many pictures:

Rules (the fine print)

Each of the plans will be in a password protected directory on this site. To get access to that directory you must agree to our terms, including displaying a copyright notice on each item you build, and pay a fee for each copy of the item that you build. If you examine the plans and decide it isn't what you want to build, or the plans are not sufficiently detailed for your use, you may (within the first 30 days) agree to destroy all information received from that access, and request a refund. After that brief "free look" you will have unlimited access to the plans. I prepaid for web services for multiple years, and have no plan to end support for the web site or to limit your access once you have paid, but as an old person, lifetime guarantees are a mystery, so I will guarantee access for for at least 6 months. If you share access to the site with others, you are responsible for paying for their use (if my logs show 10 different people used your password to access the directory, you owe me for 10 uses). If you publish the plan (or the password to access the plan) you owe the fee for unlimited use.


I am glad to accept personal checks mailed to me at the address below. I also accept paypal to my email address or by clicking the paypal link below. Specifically you should include

Charles Plesums
5702 Puccoon Cove
Austin, Texas 78759-7177

Available plans

Yes we are just starting! Only one plan is initially available.

Saddle Stand

Our first plan in this experiment of offering plans on an "honor system" basis is for a saddle stand, such as these. The fee is US$5.00 for each saddle stand made from this design or from information gathered from this design (such as dimensions). The fee for unlimited use of the plan is $500.

To order a plan and request your choice of user ID and password, follow the Logistics above. To buy one or several copies now, using PayPal, Click here (your user ID will be your email address, and you can specify your password.)

If you already have an ID and password to access this plan, click here

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