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The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) is an international organization to increase the value and reduce the risk of using workflow technology, through education and standards. Much of the work of the coalition is available to anyone at www.wfmc.org, or membership is available to vendors, consultants, users, or anyone wishing to contribute to the organization.

WARIA is the user oriented Workflow and Reengineering International Association, with information at www.waria.com

Numerous reprints, articles, and links to other information about workflow are available at www.e-workflow.org

The Association for Information and Image Management, AIIM, has been the microfilm and electronic document imaging organization for many years, although they have recently lost focus in the "e-commerce" craze, renaming everything "electronic content management." Their annual trade show remains the primary image and work management exhibition in the world.

Cohasset Associates is one of the leading service organizations in records management. They provide a wealth of information on their web site, www.cohasset.com. They also operate an exceptionally good conference on Managing Electronic Records, with almost 500 experts and practitioners participating, held in Chicago each spring.

Randy Kahn is an attorney involved in records, technology, and law for many years. I respect his competence and integrity. He and associates have recently formed Kahn Consulting Inc., and offer a number of relevant articles and white papers on their web site at www.kahnconsultinginc.com.

Ergonomics are critical for people who work at their computer all day. Visit this site on healthy computing.

A wonderful site on Bar Codes, including use for image processing, is available at www.barcode-1.net. It includes excellent tutorial and reference information, as well as links to product vendors.

JPEG still image compression has a site at www.jpeg.org with more than you wanted to know about present and future JPEG and JBIG image compression standards.

The Association for Work Process Improvement focuses on Remittance Processing and Data Capture (both Image and Forms). In addition to their web site and mailing lists (public and member areas) they have an annual forum and exposition. Their web site is at www.tawpi.org

The U.S. Government web site for the Securities and Exchange Commission has many items dealing with record keeping requirements at www.sec.gov.

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