Charles A. Plesums (Charlie)

Austin, Texas U.S.A. 78759-7177

Telephone: Mobile: (512) 423-7560

Charlie Plesums took early retirement a few years ago to fulfill his dream of building custom furniture on a full time basis and to consult on a part-time basis.

Charlie's consulting specialties include high volume records management, document management, workflow and business process management, and electronic image management including scan centers and mail rooms. He is often involved in the architectural design and conversion of these systems, and their integration into call center, on-line, and back office operations. His role is often to review plans for operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

In his ten years at CSC Financial Services Group (Now DXC Technology), he was a subject matter expert working with the team that specializes in business transformation for the insurance and financial services industry, especially through the workflow management and document imaging technologies.

Prior to joining CSC, Charlie spent 13 years with USAA, a diverse financial services and insurance firm. At USAA he was involved in systems architectures and advanced technologies, but is probably best known as one of the pioneers in large-scale document image systems. Charlie led the image team from the first days of research in 1982 through the implementation of a workflow driven 1,500 terminal system in 1988-1990; today that system supports over 20,000 users with access to over 4.2 billion pages of documents. In addition he has been deeply involved in distributed computing, multimedia, direct customer access (touch-tone and on-line), optical data storage, optical character recognition (OCR), office systems, and other technologies.

Prior to joining USAA, Charlie spent five years as a Principal Consultant with SCT Corporation, a national facilities management and consulting firm, and has over ten years experience as a computer center director (in Virginia and New York State). He has taught university level computer science in the United States and in Brazil.

Charlie is a fellow of the Workflow Management Coalition. He served the maximum two terms on the AIIM standards board, and continued as a member of the AIIM National Standards Council through 2017. He has contributed to the development of numerous ANSI and ISO standards in digital imaging and microfilm. He has been an invited speaker on technology subjects in 14 countries, to over 15,000 people. He is an AIIM "Master of Information Technologies," was an Information Services Fellow at USAA, and served on the IBM Image Customer Advisory Council. Charlie has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree and an MS degree in Computer Science from Union College in Schenectady, New York.

For more information on Charlie Plesums, please contact him directly by e-mail at . You may request a complete resume by email.

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