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Hardwood Lumber Pricing

Expect wood prices to rise 50% in 2015

You can see the original article on page 18 of the January 2015 issue of FDMC - (Furniture Design and Manufacturing and Cabinets)

The key points are

  1. the number of hardwood loggers and hardwood sawmills dropped by at least 50 percent in the recent recession.
  2. the number of people buying cabinets, furniture, flooring and other wood products is increasing.
  3. the demand for lumber has increased, so now there is a shortage of logs.
  4. with oil fracking growing in the north, and the lack of pipelines to carry the oil to the refineries in the south, railroads are being used. Estimates are that 200,000 oil trains will be running this year (2015). The number of railroad ties required to support the tracks for these huge loads is growing tremendously. The price of ties has increased substantially, but the railroads will pay whatever they have to, since an oil train hauling cargo is worth $750,000... [This must be the freight bill, since a tank car holds over 1000 barrels of oil, worth $40,000 to $100,000, and a train is 80-120 cars.]
  5. With tie prices increasing dramatically, the value of the remaining lumber in the log will also increase.

So, when the cabinet and furniture industries (me) look for lumber for their needs (your project), the price will be higher than ever.

The prices on this web site are based on what I estimate it would cost to "build one like this for you," and have usually been updated only after there was a new customer. For the last several years, the increases in the price of lumber have been gradual, so I absorbed the increases rather than recalculating every price. Now I will have to recheck my lumber costs for each piece before we reach a final agreement.

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