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Wine Cellars by Grandeur Cellars

with components by Charlie Plesums

©2008 by Charles A. Plesums, Austin, Texas, USA

John Lutz and his team at Grandeur Cellars makes a wide range of custom wine cellars, installed throughout central Texas, When John wants a turned column or some doors or other "furniture" rather than "wine cellar" components, he often comes to me. I would be glad to make similar components for your project, but if you want a wine cellar, go to John and his experts!

Sipo Mahogany Cellar with Copper

This beautiful wine cellar with arched ceiling is made from Mahogany, and Sipo, a mahogany "look alike." John had me turn the columns on the far end, and make the doors below the columns. In this wine cellar, the wood was left unfinished, as is "proper" in a wine cellar.

Sipo Mahogany Wine Cellar
Columns in the wine cellar

The columns are tapered, and are composed of 12 tapered segments that were glued together and then turned. A solid column that large would have been extremely heavy and subject to splitting, and would still have to been made from multiple pieces of wood... sipo (and other woods) are not available in 8 inch thick planks (how do you say railroad tie).

To be sure the color of the wood in the columns goes with the other wood in the project, I prefer that the required wood be delivered from the same lumber order (Grandeur Cellars brings me the wood) - not just the chance that my wood order will be similar.

Wine Niche 3

This small wine cellar was interesting... referred to as "Wine Niche 3" on the Grandeur Cellars web site. The column was slightly smaller, but with the smaller cellar, the one column was cut in half, and each placed against a wall. Looks good to me! And I only had to make one column.

Wine Niche 3 cellar
Split column in the wine cellar

As you can see, the split column looks very good in this installation. If you just glance, the fact that it is only half of a column on each side doesn't "jump" at you.

Mahogany with Aluminum 200

Sometimes John asks for unusual items, like shelves that a bottle won't roll off. I cut a cove in the face of each of these shelves. If you have a special requirement, lets talk!

Bottle shelves in a wine cellar

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