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Our client wanted a very heavy bold bench; this one was 18 inches wide, 60 inches long, and 18 inches high. Beech was chosen as the solid wood for construction, since the stain had to be a particular shade. A second smaller bench (merely 16 by 48 inches) was stained a slightly different color.

To get the robust look the top was 2 inches thick solid beech, with legs that started at 3x3 inches and tapered to 2x2 inches. An accent groove was placed in the top for visual interest. It was so heavy and sturdy that we joked that his pet elephant could sit on the bench.

$600 as shown
Smaller, simpler benches as low as $300

The solid wood in this bench made it very heavy. We can provide a similar bold appearance with different construction techniques that save substantially on material cost and weight. We can also choose hardwoods that thrive with a clear finish, without stain, creating a similar bench for as little as $400.

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