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Where have we been?

or Where in the world are Jenny and Charlie Plesums

Despite all the comments about not telling where we will be going, here are our trips where we have been over the last couple years.

2018 (107,079 air miles Including 2,705 inside China)

Trip 1 in January to Alaska to see the Northern Lights was canceled at the last minute since the weather forecast for the entire time of our trip was cloudy and extremely cold.

Bangkok Thailand in February. This was our first trip of the year, but we count it as Trip 2 of 2018 since Trip 1 was canceled days before departure.

Fairbanks Alaska in March - numbered as Trip 3 of 2018. We finally saw the Northern Lights, and lots of other things.

Trip 4 of 2018 to China was a 3 week tour including Beijing: Summer palace, Tinannmen Square, Great Wall, Xian: Terracotta Army, Doghan community, Panda sanctuary, Tibet, Chongqing, Yangtze river cruise (3 days) to the 3 Gorges Dam, Wuhan, Hong Kong (3 days)

Trip 5 of 2018 was to Denver

Trip 6: Kansas city by Car in September to meet with family - we also saw the national World War I museum.

Trip 7 in October was to visit friends in Birmingham, Alabama

Trip 8 in December (5 days after Jenny's surgery) was to New York City

2017 (119,111 air miles)

Trip 1: New Zealand (North Island) in February. This was one of the performers after the native Maori performance

Trip 2: Tubec Arizona for a housewarming of some of our friends in March. This is a mission just North of Tubac

Trip 3: Lima Peru in April. This is a mud pyramid in Lima - Huaca Pucllana

Trip 4: Paris in May with our son and his family.

Trip 5: Juneau Alaska in June

Trip 6: Japan in August, with out friends Emiko and Stuart Ablett at the Tokyo Skytree. Stuart was lying on the ground to take the picture.

Trip 7: Morocco in September

Trip 8,9: Wisconsin/Montana in October

Trip 10: Reykjavik in November. This is Strokkur, their answer to old faithful, but it erupts every few minutes.

Trip 11: New York City in December

2016 - total miles flown 112,292

Houston, by car, for a couple days in January, to see relatives from “up North” leaving on a cruise. So close, and by car, but there was a hotel involved, so we called it Trip 0

Trip 1: New Orleans for a few days in mid January

Trip 2: New York City for a few days at the end of January

Trip 3: Hanoi Northern Vietnam for a week in February.

Trip 4: Host a friend from England in New York City, Washington, and Central Texas, for a couple weeks in March. We flew a lot, and a reverse travelogue (what Andrea saw) is available.

Trip 5: Porto and Lisbon Portugal for a week in early April.

Trip 6: Host Jenny's sister in Dallas, Austin and Hill Country Texas, and San Antonio (Fiesta) in April

Trip 7: Providence Rhode Island area for a week in May

Trip 8: Helsinki Finland and Tallinn Estonia, for a week in July

Trip 9: Washington DC, with our granddaughter, for several days in mid July

Trip 10: Iowa for a wedding and to visit Jenny's families at the end of July

Trip 11: Trip to Cabin John Maryland (DC) for several days in August for Charlie's sister's birthday

Trip 12: Seoul South Korea for a week in September. This is Cheonggyecheon. If you can't say it or find it, just ask for the river that runs through the city.

Trip 13: Amsterdam, Netherlands, for a week in October.

This list does not include numerous trips to Dallas (4 hour drive) to visit our son and his family.

2015 - total miles flown 100,190

Trip 1: Panama City and canal - $500 tickets brought this to the top of the list for 5 days in February.

Trip 2: Singapore ($1031 ticket) - a week in April.

Trip 3: New York City for several days in April because of a $286.20 ticket. Yes I met Eric Bolling, co-host of the TV show, "The Five" with five people at 5 pm 5 days per week. His gimmick is to hold up and point to 5 fingers.

Trip 4: Birmingham Alabama to visit friends

Trip 5: Boston end of June.

Trip 6: Santiago Chile for a week in July.

Trip 7: Fly to Minneapolis St. Paul, to get a car to visit family in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Trip 8: Anchorage Alaska (Summers are hot in Texas) in August, triggered by a $583.50 ticket.

Trip 9: Cabin John, Maryland

Trip 10: Barcelona Spain for a week in September.

Trip 11: Decorah Iowa

Trip 12: Warsaw and Krakow Poland for a week in October.

Trip 13: Manchester, Selby, Saltaire, York, Hadrian's wall, Lake Country, Liverpool and Northern England, November 12-19, 2015. Jenny can now say she stood on Hadrian's wall, the Northwest corner of the Roman Empire.

Trip 14: Los Angeles

Where to Next?

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Overall list of countries we have visited

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Over 150 countries to go!

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