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Trip to Seattle, Washington

June 30 - July 4, 2001

A miracle occurred. Jenny and Charlie took a trip where neither of them worked. No speeches. No meetings. No trade shows.

We had a couple "free" airline tickets that were about to expire, so we took a look at where they would take us. Neither of us had been to Seattle. They had a Renaissance Hotel where we could get a free room. And they are reputedly nice to people looking for free meals. Well, maybe not the latter.

The City

Seattle is a pretty city, with a vigorous downtown and a major harbor.

Seattle Skyline

It is a major seaport, with lots of activity (restaurants) along the waterfront.

And when the weather is good (as it was for our trip), an impressive view of Mount Ranier from most places in town.

When we visited Chicago in 1999 we found hundreds of cows (the fiberglass kind) decorated by artists, throughout the city. Then in 2000 we found Cod in Boston. This year we found pigs in Seattle. Click here for more pig pictures.

The Market

There is a very interesting downtown market, Pike's Market, with trackless trolleys through the downtown area (note the wires).

Seattle Market
Flower Market

The market has lots of flower, produce, meat, and fish vendors for the natives, and souvenir vendors for the tourists.

It is an active area with lots of restaurants, like this second-story one with the pretty flower boxes.

Seattle Market Restaurant
Seattle Market

Nobody warned us that Seattle was hilly. The few blocks from downtown to our hotel had stairs rather than sidewalk in some of the blocks. This was at the market - Charlie was on the street and Jenny was only half way down the hill.

And at another place, Charlie looked up at Jenny, who was already half way down the hill.

Seattle Market

The Park

Fountain in Seattle

There is a large park where the Seattle World Fair was held in 1962, including this computer controlled fountain. Due to the power shortage, the fountain was only operated an hour or two per day, but it still was a favorite of kids who tried to predict where the water would shoot out next, as music played.

And, of course, the famous Space Needle. It was designed to look like the future, with the Jetson's cartoon in mind.

The Harbor

Log Tow

We took a ride to one of the harbor islands on the public ferry, and had lunch at a charming restaurant there. On the way, the ferry was held up by a log tow - literally thousands of logs, chained together, being towed slowly through the harbor.

And, of course, another view of Mt. Rainier

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