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You are encouraged to make comments or enter a discussion on many of our web pages. You may do it either by logging in, or anonymously. Unfortunately it isn't as simple to stay anonymous as it seems. If we are going to have a discussion - talk back and forth - the system has to have a way to hook your comments together, and for me to connect to your comments.


After you enter you comments, the system we use, Disqus, will ask you to log in (four choices listed below) if you haven't already or pick a name - any name. Be polite, but you can be as anonymous as you want. It will also ask for your email address (It is not displayed, and Disqus promises privacy). Your email address is unique in the whole world, so I suspect this is the way Disqus makes your chosen name unique. You can then check the box that says "I'd rather post as a guest" or you can proceed to create a Disqus account with the name and email you just entered.

Logging in

Your have four choices.

  1. You can log in with Disqus which allows you to see all your comments on this and other sites that use the same tool
  2. You can log in with Facebook. By default, Discus will assume you want to share your comments with the world, but you can limit what data Discus takes from Facebook
  3. You can log in with Twitter.
  4. You can log in with Google. I use Google calendar (so I am logged into Google), and may have given a gmail address, so Disqus used my Google profile as my identity.

The use of comments and discussion is new to us - it makes our site like a blog. I hope you will try it, and make suggestions - either in the discussion or by sending me an email.

In case you were wondering, "Disqus" is pronounced the same as "discuss"

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