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Plesums Family Pictures

(Or at least the Austin Texas branch of the Plesums family)

Pictures and a description of our home in Austin Texas. As retirees we travel extensively, and try to share our trips via travelogues. Let us know how you enjoy them!
Family construction projects with Jenny and Charlie. Picture of Jenny Various recent (or not so recent) Family Snapshots
Charlie and Jenny attended Charlie's 40th and 50th High School Class Reunion in 2001 and 2011 We rented this roadster in Monterey - see the year 2000 summary below. Although fun for the day, it did prove that new cars are far more comfortable.

Annual Summary

Pictures and summary of
...the year 2000, including Monterey, Oslo, North Carolina, Boston, and Missouri,
...the year 2001, including Australia and Seattle,
...the year 2002, including England in both February and June,
...the year 2003, including Colorado in August and Jenny's family reunion in November,
...the year 2004, Atlanta, to buy tools for Charlie's retirement,
...the year 2005, including August trip to Singapore,
...the year 2006, including a February trip to Osaka, and other domestic trips,
...the year 2007, with October in Budapest,
...the year 2008, including Madrid in March,
...the year 2009, Mark's wedding in July and Riga in September,
...the year 2010, Prague and Scotland,
...the year 2011, Germany and Italy, plus Warsaw.
...the year 2012 with trips to England, Montana, Maryland, Amsterdam/Bruges/Brussels, and Hawaii.
...the year 2013 with trips to Paris, Peru (Machu Picchu), Alaska, Tokyo, plus domestic destinations.
...the year 2014 with trips to Buenos Aires, Berlin, Calgary, and Hong Kong, plus domestic destinations.
...and the year 2015, the year we reached 100,000 air miles, with trips to Panama, Singapore (again), Santiago, Barcelona, Poland, plus numerous domestic destinations.

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