Warsaw Central School Class of 1961

50th Reunion Update - 2011

Gene Cook

3216 Lower Mountain Rd.
Sanborn, NY 14132
1863 Coral Heights Lane
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308-5224

Family Information

I have one daughter, Lara Seniw, who got married this past November, to Chris who has a son and daughter from a previous marriage. I have had a long-time friend and partner, James Turner who is a Hospice-Registered Nurse currently working for Hope Hospice in South Florida. We have known each other for thirty-two years.


I have one bachelor's degree and two master's degrees and worked a total of 41 years in related educational fields. Teaching was the most challenging job I ever held and student services, counseling and advisement were where my heart was, so I finished a second masters in Student Personnel Services. I retired five years ago after 41 years in education, 38 years of service at Niagara County Community College as full professor and counselor.

Special Interests and/or Leisure Time Activities

The house on Lower-Mountain has 2.2 acres of which 1.2 is lawn (big mistake). I love to mow and plant, etc. as it is the farmer in me. We also have a townhouse in Ft. Lauderdale, which is minimal maintenance. While in Florida I read and walk (as much as six miles a day). Ft. Lauderdale beach stretches for 23 miles and the city itself has more active canals than Venice, Italy (165 miles). The Atlantic Ocean is a mile east of townhouse and the walking park is one-half mile west. I have spent three winters there and it has been fabulous (I didn't know that it was solar powered). Florida mornings and evenings are incredible, especially with the ocean breeze. One other issue I love to talk about is music... I can't read or play music, but I love all the genres of music including classical, opera, country, rock-n-roll, jazz, etc.

Message to Classmates

Please consider a trip up to Niagara County, as we have a famous restaurant just around the corner called Scrimchanks (716-731-4111). Their dinner specials are truly amazing for the price and I can never turn down a Manhattan on the rocks.

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