Warsaw Central School Class of 1961

Sandy Ackler Wiskierski

40th reunion update

Judy Hotchkiss Shumaker reported that sad news that Sandy (Ackler) Wiskiersk had passed away on January 9, 2004.

She reports:
Sandy Wiskierski passed away today at Highland Hospital in Rochester. Sandy and I have kept in close touch with each other (had a few lunches together, etc.) since our last class reunion.

I don't know how many of you will remember her husband, Joe (a good guy with a great sense of humor). Sandy had found out in early November that she had ovarian cancer and started with a chemo treatment to be later followed up by surgery. Joe e-mailed me the Thursday after Christmas and said Sandy had been rushed to the hospital Sunday night, 12/28 and they found she had a ruptured colon.

They did the surgery and removed part of the colon and her ovaries. Because she has always been a smoker, her lungs were bad and they had not been able to get her off the breathalyzer or out of a semi-coma state since the surgery. Joe has been keeping me updated on her condition about every 3-4 days which actually had not changed much.

Wednesday (1/7/04) he said she had improved every so slightly and they were going to try to cut back breathalyzer and medications. Tonight (1/9/04) when I just opened the e-mail I received word from him that she passed away this morning - took a turn for the worst last night.

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